Beginner’s Guide to Prepare for a Data Science Career

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Data scientists are among the most sought after professionals in the corporate sector, across all industry domains and business sectors. The reason – increasing use of consumer data shared online for business benefits and revenue growth. Besides, data is getting produced more with each day passing by. For instance, 90% of all the existing data has been produced in the last two years alone. The more the use of data, the more will be the need for people to analyse it, and hence, more employment in the said sector will get generated. And that is exactly the case with the world right now, a huge demand for data scientists and analysts.

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In this article, we will be discussing the six simple steps to prepare for a career as a data scientist.

6 Simple Steps for Beginners to Prepare for a Data Science Career

Step 1 – Learn Coding

Being completely new to the field, you should start with learning coding. At present, the two most popular computer languages in the data science domain are R and Python. May be, you can consider opting for a data science certification that teaches the two programming languages in a comprehensive manner. As a matter of fact, Python is the easiest language to learn for beginners.

Step 2 – Knowledge of Databases

At the heart of data science is ‘data’. When you will be working on a data science project at an organization, you will be required to visualize and analyse data, and will be needed to detect patterns among the available piles of data. This data would be found stored at some place, and that’s called a ‘database’. Basically, a company stores all its ‘sourced data’ in the database.

To excel as a data science professional, you need to learn and understand about interacting and communicating with databases. Further, if you get to learn designing a database that would be an added advantage.

Step 3 – Applied Mathematics

At the core of data science is Mathematics. Understanding and getting familiar with the varied concepts of data science, you would be required to have a fundamental grasp on the subject of mathematics.

Step 4 – Basics of Data Science

A data science career certainly demands of you to be good at the basic skills used in the concerned industry. Listed below are the three basic data science skills you need to learn:

Searching for datasets: To start on a data science project, you need a dataset. But, not in every case you are provided with one. Instead, you need to find it on your own.

Communication skills: As a data scientist, you will be required to communicate your complex findings and processes to a general audience, and that would need of you to be good at explaining sophisticated and complex concepts in simple language.

Data Visualization: Visualizing patterns and trends among the provided data is among the key skills a data science professional should possess. Being good at visualizing helps you save a whole lot of time while working on a data science project.

Step 5 – Getting Familiar with Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Artificial neural network is an element of computing system that is designed to mimic the way a human brain processes data and information being fed to it. It is considered the foundation of AI and help resolve problems that would prove impossible to humans to deal with.

Step 6 – Understanding of Deep Learning Concepts

It’s the neural networks that act as primary catalysts to empower deep learning. Deep learning is basically an extension of AI that harnesses the capability of neural networks to solve the most complicated problems in the world of AI. The applications of deep learning in real life involve speech recognition, image recognition, and NLP (natural language processing).

Hope the article will help budding AI engineers reach their ultimate career goals. Cheers!

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