Can Exhaust Fan Cool The Room?


We usually associate exhaust fans with the kitchen or bathroom. This is because this is where the exhaust fans have been used extensively. The purpose is to improve ventilation in these areas. The exhaust fan is considered to be effective in pulling out the excess moisture and unwanted odours. Activities like showering, washing, and cooking can lead to moisture build-up, and the exhaust fan is believed to remove the contaminants and reduce the chemical fume build-up that is harmful when inhaled. The exhaust fans, therefore, pull out bad air and bring in better air. However, you might not be aware that the exhaust fans are an option for whole-home systems.

Working of an exhaust fan

The exhaust fans are endowed with motors that power the blades of the fan these blades of the fan rotate rapidly and pull the air out of the space. The poor-quality air that they pull is then propelled outdoors through the exhaust vent.

Learn more about exhaust fans

The exhaust fan can be operated using electricity, and they are available in different sizes which you can choose depending on the area of the space where it has to function. You now have exhaust fans that come with special features such as a thermostat that powers on the unit when the temperature in the particular space is over and above the limit, you have set. You also have exhaust fans that are meant to bring in cooler air by pulling out hot, humid air and cooling the space during the process. The air that is pulled might be vented out by the unit itself or might have dedicated ductwork that is connected to the home’s ventilation system.

  • Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted exhaust fans that are used extensively in the kitchen and bathrooms vent air outdoors directly.
  • Inline exhaust fan models are usually connected to home’s ductwork, and they expel air through the home’s existing ventilation system.

Ensuring that your exhaust fan is working properly

For an exhaust fan to work properly, the fan has to work as a one-way system. This is accomplished using a backdraft damper that comes with the unit or one that is fixed by the technician. The damper is a metal piece that is used to close the exit and convert the exhaust into a one-way system. The dampers might be subject to considerable wear and tear as they might be in the open and exposed to the outside environment.

Does exhaust fan cool the air?

Having understood how the exhaust fans work, you would have deduced that exhaust fans won’t lower the temperature of the room. They only help draw out the excess humidity in the space and make you feel comfortable. However, running them in tandem with your ceiling fans can improve the chances of experiencing cool air. You may also use the exhaust fan strategically by keeping the windows closed during the day and opening it in the night. This is a great way to ensure that the exhaust draws cooler air in from outside during the night. It would get rid of that hot, sticky air in the space.

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