Does iPhone 11 Is Still Worthy To Buy On 2020?


Everyone has a Smartphone where they use it for accessing the internet, making calls, taking a picture, playing games, and many more. Nowadays every premium Smartphone becomes a priority for everyone. One of the latest flagship phones is the iPhone 12 and it launched recently. With premium quality, the iPhone 12 is build ceramic body and can withstand high pressure and even it can tolerate shock from falling at a certain height. But the price is a little bit higher than the iphone 11 even the specification is nearly the same as the iphone 12. Buy an iphone 11 in 2020 is also a smart move for the customer. Nowadays Smartphone usage raise frequently and the user also increase day by day. Every Smartphone company introduces many smartphones with several features and highly advanced technology is used on it. To sustain in the Smartphone market every company comes with new and innovative technology and give more surprise to their customer and the user.

How to buy a smartphone

Before buying the iphone 12 just compare the mobile with last year’s releases iphone 11 2020. With little upgrades, the apple company launched the new device as iphone 12 in the market. Also, try to compare with iphone 11 long term review where you get the idea about whether you need to buy or not. On YouTube, you can find more comparison of mobile phones and you can find the best phone which suits you the most. The iphone 11camera comes with high quality and get a clear picture with a high definition camera on it.

The recharge tech is one of the famous and popular tech channels for every Smartphone. The YouTube channel gives more information about the newly launched Smartphone iphone 12. The YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and viewers on it. The iphone 11 still worth is highly preferred for their build quality and camera specification. With millions of subscribers, the recharge is highly trusted by many viewers. The YouTube channel uses to reviews all kinds of mobile devices and gadgets in-depth. The channel also gives the iphone 11 vs iphone se camera B comparison and where you can get the idea about buying the iphone.

 The YouTube channel narrator prince chandra tech provides the best reviews that why people are used to visiting the channel for getting the exact and proper knowledge about mobiles. Many people are eagerly waiting for the iphone 11 vs iphone 12 went viral both on the internet and social media. After the video is uploaded it reached millions of views within a short time. The video gets trendy on every social media platform. The YouTube channel also gives smarter phone reviews on the internet. The narrator also gives iphone 11 6 month later for checking the quality and highly detailed picture one. The camera cover a wide-angle and every detail are captured on the phone camera. The camera comes with a high megapixel and covers every detail on it. The YouTube channel also gives the audience for comparison about the iphone 11 vs iphone 12 camera.

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