Ever Wondered How Biscuits Were Made- Know About Automatic Biscuits Production Line Machine?


While snacking on those lip-smacking biscuits, did you ever wonder these are made? Did you ever think how many man-hours were poured into making these flaky, sweet or spicy treats? These snacks involve heavy and complicated machinery such as automatic biscuits production line machine. Let’s look at the process.

Step 1: Preparation of the raw materials – The ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt etc are mixed well. This process can be carried out through multiple stages. The most important roles are played by the temperature and the consistency of the dough. If anything goes wrong with these two, then the manufacturer has begun to right from the first stage. The machine used is a dough mixer. It mixes the ingredients evenly. It can come in several orientations such as vertical, horizontal, planetary and spiral.

Step 2: Fermentation- The dough needs ample time to ferment so that it turns out to be the perfect soft yet crunchy biscuits. Fermentation plays a pivotal role in all bakery-related industries such as bread, cookies, biscuits etc. In this process, the dough is mixed and kept for at least 26 hours to ferment.

This stage uses a dough mixer as it can mix the yeast with the dough evenly and perfectly. Once the fermentation is done and dusted with, the dough is loaded on to hoper that is attached to the conveyor and this is where the manufacturing of the biscuits begin.

Step 3: Shaping process – The soft dough is rolled out to make sheets. These sheets are compressed and flattened out by a series of rollers. These compressed lovely sheets of dough are made hard enough to apply toppings. Once the toppings are added, they are loaded into the rotary cutter. This cutter has cups attached to it. It cuts the sheets into the desired shapes. The biscuits are now ready to be fed into the hot oven.

Machines required are laminators, gauge roll stand and rotary cutter. The laminator does the rolling process. The Gauge roll stand compresses the dough and flattens the sheet.

Step 4: Bake them good! – the dough is now ready to be baked and sold. They are sent into the preheated oven. Check out those cool videos where they show the baking process that happens within the oven. They are beautiful and delicious.

The machinery required is a good quality oven. These come in several shapes, sizes and types. The common types are coal-fired, gas-fired or heated electrically. Procurement depends on the magnitude of the production.

Step 5: Cooling and Testing – Thee hot from oven biscuits need to cool and tested before they packed into neatly cut plastic squares or covers. Samples are sent to the head to be tested and checked. The biscuits are packed after it has passed all quality tests.

This process requires an extensive testing laboratory.

Step 6: packaging and supply – our biscuits are now ready to pack into boxes and shipped to the eager customers. This process needs a weighing and packing machine.

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