How To Impress Your Crush?


In a world that is running faster than time, most of us need someone to give us some emotional and mental support. Love is exactly that sentiment in which you connect to a specific person better than others. You feel more comfortable with their company and that comfort gives you a different type of satisfaction mentally as well as emotionally. In search of that comfort and connection, most of us develop feelings for people without their even noticing it. However, once you develop feelings for someone, it becomes very hard to ignore the person at times. Hence, most of us are in the lookout of finding ways in which we could impress our crushes. Here are some simple ways that have been used by most couples in impressing their partners:

  1. ROMANTIC VIDEOS: The simplest way through which you could make known your feelings for someone is sending them romantic videos. These videos could be normal romantic songs or short stories describing a sweet love story. The video could be a short one or even a long one which would explain your love and how you feel in the most appropriate manner.
  2. COMEDY VIDEOS: Another way to impress your crush could be using your humor and witty character. In current world, people like to interact more with those who have a good sense of humor along with a great witty attitude. So, to impress your crush you could find out the best comedy videos and just send them. These videos could be standups, silent comedies, small cartoon excerpts or even memes for that matter.
  3. CAB: Although most of the people treat them as a mere necessity service, cabs have proved to be very helpful in impressing your crush. If you have fixed a date or even a casual meeting, book a cab for their pickup. Likewise, you could book a cab that would drop them home safely. You could also accompany your crush and talk while you go back to your respective places.
  4. FUNNY VIDEOS: Sending funny videos would help you in impressing your crush. This way you could become their stressbuster and make them feel comfortable with your presence in their life. There are a whole lot of funny videos that have a love angle hidden in them. Try finding such videos and sending them. You will yourself notice that your crush will hang around you more often since you provide them some light and good content.
  5. ROMANTIC POETRY: For people who know a lot about their crushes, sending romantic poetry is the best way of impressing them. If you could write a small poetry for yourself, it would work the best but if you are not good with word, even that is not a problem. Try searching internet for some relatable poems and one or two liners that use nice words and sweet gestures to appreciate people.

Following these simple tricks, you would never fail in impressing your crush and you may even become the best couple that you have ever found in your life after getting together. These tips will make your relationship sweeter and stress free.

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