How To Infuse Minimalism In Wearing Jewellery

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Elevated simplicity is the eccentric essence of a minimalist life! As millennials, we often fall into the broad spectrum of jewellery and style that revolves around minimalism. Keeping things simple and elegant in just a few pieces while making it a comfortable wear, is one of the key aspects of minimalist style. And, as much effortless it sounds, it is very thoughtful and precise to put up the look together.

Keeping quality over quantity, minimalism styling is about bringing versatility in everything you wear while keeping close-to-heart pieces on the edge. Here is how you can infuse minimalism in wearing jewellery and keeping your best foot forward in the style arena.

Mastering layered necklace look

One of the hottest trends in the world of minimalism, layered necklaces is an art to master. From layering minimalist necklaces on the neck to rings on the fingers – mix and match is the new art to master. Pick up necklaces with no stones or pearls on them – simple metal designs in small sizes are a way to go. Similarly for the rings, the best choices are the rings that have subtle metal designs with no studded diamonds or pearls on them. The simplest the designs the easier it gets to create minimalist looks for any time and every time.

Quality over quality

Minimalism is all about keeping quality over quantity. Rather than wearing too many pieces of jewellery, stick to a chosen few but statement pieces. And these statement pieces need not be large and chunky ones, sometimes it can be as simple as an infinity ring or a triangle Aztec pendant on the neck. The metal quality, design precision, and simplistic outlook are what matters. Download Mellora App to find a whole lot of minimalist jewellery and make it a part of your style.

jewellery that matters

Minimalism celebrates one’s sentiments in the form of tiny elements that matter. So when you are wearing a ring- its more about your feelings attached to it than the design. Be it a family heirloom ring, a rare piece of earring you bought at a flea market in a new city, or just a small gift from your mother– minimalism is all about cherishing the connection over style! Don’t shy away from wearing rings, pendants, and earrings that hold emotional value. Style up your sentimental pieces with one or two jewellery that matches your outfit and you are good to go.

Sleek and clean jewellery

Sleek and clean designs like Aztec bracelets or platinum bands bring a rather subtle but powerful play in jewellery. Fuss-free, smooth, and easy streamlined designs draw more attention than regular jewellery. It’s time to get playing with the sleekest and cleanest jewellery to bring out minimalist elements in your style! Complement your wristwatch with a sleek metal bracelet for your office look or just pair simplistic platinum bands on the finger and some mini-pendants for the necklace. As small, sleek, and simple the design it – the styling creates a sorted after and ravishing look that is hard to beat. It is in the gracefulness of simplicity that brings out the best of styling.

One gem only

Skip the thought of hoarding too many fusion jewellery, for minimalist styling all you need, is a one-gem look. Always try to wear jewellery either without gemstones or keep it to a bare minimum of one. Stocking to one gem look will add an element of persona to the look while complementing your look with the right gemstones. Solitaire earrings for women or one pearl ring – one enough to keep your style going!

Minimalism is all about expression persona with the bare minimum. Choose the very best and start enjoying art!

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