Is Redmi 9 Prime Is Best Phone Under Rs. 1000?


We all know that due to this current pandemic, the global supply chain has been affected a lot. This will be resulting in the rising price of mobile phones. There are any better deals available last year, and the cost of such phones has been increased now. But you should thank Xiaomi. Yes, they introduce Redmi 9 Prime Best phone under 10k. People love to choose this brand because it offers high-spec smartphones at very reasonable ranges. If you wish to buy a mobile that does not comprise a display, performance, etc., and falls under 10k, then you should consider purchasing this mobile phone.

Read reviews before buying!

People all over the world are turning into watching YouTube, which helps them to shop for new things and offering them newly launched product reviews. If you are going to buy this mobile, it is important to check for the Redmi 9 Prime review in the best YouTube tech review channel. Do not hesitate to watch the recharge first look before getting your product. The reviewer has mentioned all the things regarding the mobile, including specs, price, and more. It is really worth watching the video if you are an online shopper.

Get your stylish smartphone 

The thing which is smashable about the phone is the stylish design. The plastic body along with the concentric texture which is present on the rear panel. The company likes to appeal to this like ‘Aura 360’ design. You will be getting four different colors, such as Matte Black, Mint Green, and more. These colors will offer you an eye-catching teal, and it has a metallic shine. The reviewer’s opinion is that matte black will be ideal for people who are looking for a minimalistic and yet simple design.

Great performance

The mobile packs in a media tekHelio G80 SoC which is used for supporting high gaming performance. One can able to get two kinds of variants like 4GB RAM with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM with 128GB storage. After complete usage of about a couple of days, it will perform daily tasks like checking emails, browsing the internet well. The good news for the PUBG players in the performance of redmi 9 prime Helio G80 is quite impressive. You did not face any hang while playing, and it runs on a high definition graphics setting. Overall, the experience made on gaming is quite well and smooth, especially in this price range. The reviewer has done with the redmi 9 prime gaming test as well.

Unboxing the mobile

Redmi 9 Prime is considered to be a budget-friendly phone, and you will be getting a transparent case in the package which fits well. It also has a pre-applied film in order to provide some additional scratch protection. So, if you want recharge unboxing video, do not hesitate to visit the YouTube channel.

Final thoughts

You can learn a lot by seeing product review videos, and it is also helpful to know about the pros and cons of a particular thing. So, before buying the Redmi 9 Prime, do see the review videos. This mobile definitely offers great value for this price range.

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