CBSE class 7 maths worksheet

Know how to Prepare for the Class 7th Maths of CBSE


Nowadays, it is not an easy task to plan for the school exams because they are structured by the school administration in such a way that merely studying whatever comes handy may not help students that much. This is the reason why there is a requirement to create a structured plan for preparing for the exams. In this article, we are going to discuss such an exam, which usually students find difficult to prepare for. We are going to discuss the Maths subject of the class 7th of the CBSE. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

It is extremely important for the students to know about the CBSE syllabus for class 7 maths before starting the preparation for the exams. This will help them in knowing what they will study during their preparation period. It also helps them in maintaining the pace of their preparation according to the time left to them. In the coming section, we will be telling how to study for the various topics under the Maths subject of class 7. For convenience, we have divided the whole of the Maths syllabus into 3 parts. These are as follows: –

  • From Chapters 1 to 5:

    Chapter 1 is based on the Integers which is an important mathematical concept for the students to understand. Chapter 2 and 3 are based on Fractions and decimals & Data Handling. Fractions and decimals are easy to prepare, while the data handling appears a bit difficult for the students. Thus, we suggest you focus more on this topic and practice as much as you can. Chapter 4 deals with the simple equations and chapter 5 deals with the lines and Angles. Lines and angles are supposed to carry more weightage than the previous chapter, thus you can pay more attention to this one. You can practice on the CBSE class 7 maths worksheet as much as possible.

  • From Chapters 6 to 10:

    Chapter 6 is based on the Triangle and its properties, which is a very important topic from the exam point of view. Chapter 7 is the Congruence of triangles which is again a bit confusing for some students, but you can take the help of someone if you want. Chapter 8 is comparing quantities that are not that tough while chapter 9 is based on rational numbers, which is again an important chapter for further classes. Chapter 10 is practical geometry which is said to be a time-consuming topic for students, so you should prepare this one accordingly.

  • From Chapters 11 to 15:

    Chapter 11 is perimeter and Area, which should be practiced thoroughly along with Chapter 12 which is based on Algebraic expressions. Chapter 13 is based on exponents and powers, which students can do on their own. Chapter 14 is based on symmetry, while chapter 15 is based on Solid shapes. These last two chapters are also important, but it is suggested to go for these chapters only after preparing for the other ones. This section (11 to 15) is important because usually the questions carrying more marks are picked from this section. Thus, you should practice this section very carefully.

This is how you should prepare and focus on different topics of the CBSE maths of Class 7. If you study regularly according to the set plan through some sort of math worksheet for grade 7 CBSE, then you will definitely score better. All the best!

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