food in train

Now order your food at your train seats


More than 7 billion people of India travel by train in a year. Most of the people have traveled a lot in the trains and they will not be surprised by the fact that the train authorities are now providing good quality food on track whether it is Indian cuisine or western cuisine, everything is available to the passengers to fulfill their hunger.

The rail authorities offer a variety of choices to their passengers to choose from. They can order food as per their price levels and at the places according to their choices. The rail authorities have automated platform tracks that enable them to track the real-time of the trains so that fresh food is being served to the customers as per their choices in real-time. This method also helps vendors or restaurants to be effective and efficient in their services.

With the application of advanced technologies, the vendors and restaurants are able to provide food in train on a real-time basis as well as fresh to their respective customers. They keep track of the traveling of trains and work accordingly. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is not only responsible for providing food and beverages to the customers but also responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene and sanitation of the platforms…

The application allows their customer to choose from a variety of meals and getting them at their respective allotted seats. The passengers can either call or send an SMS on these applications to book their orders. After ordering the meal it will be served on the passenger’s seat and on their respective and preferred stations. In case the passenger faces any problem then he or she can register their complaint whether it is regarding the food or the services.

Other services are also being provided to the passengers due to the increase in their demands and ever-increasing population. Various changes or improvements are also made in the catering services so that fresh food is being provided to the customers. Nowadays there are some applications which are to be downloaded and then no internet connection is required by them in order to book a meal on track. Various companies also provide the aid to order on a train and it will be delivered respectively on their seats.

In order to meet the foreign country’s railway system, India Railways has a long way to go. The rail authorities are doing researches, standardization and designing the products differently so that it improves the overall experience of the customers, including the food services, journey experiences, etc. Local cuisines are also now being provided on track in case of a long journey so that the passengers are well versed with the Indian culture and their local dishes. The need for local cuisines by long journey trains is helping the self-help groups which will also develop the standard of living as well as the development of the state as a whole. So, select from a variety of cuisines and have your amazing food on the train.

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