Optimizing Content Marketing ROI – How to Get Better Returns?


Marketing is often called a game of ROI. If you spend x amount of money on one marketing campaign, you expect more than x money to return back to the company, or the campaign has not been successful at all.

Content marketing is regarded in the same light.

The importance of content marketing has grown in recent years. Instead of taking a more technocratic approach to marketing, brands have started retaining the one true fundamental of the field – content.

Even in the 1960s when advertisers used to publish ads in newspapers and buy spots on radio programs, the content of what was being written and said was important. Ad copywriters have existed for a long time. When you watch Mad Men and see how the ad industry worked during that time, a lot of it is not an exaggeration. Ad execs were expected to be creative and driven to help their clients.

Technology has changed, people have evolved, as have their habits and ideas, but the pressure on copywriters is still the same. One important advice trainers at digital marketing institutes always give students is to develop aa marketing instinct. This instinct simply refers to having a pulse over how the target audience is thinking.

In this article, we try and shed light on how content marketing ROI of a campaign can be optimized and boosted.

Follow EAT Guidelines

The ROI you get from content marketing is determined in many ways by the quality of the content you are creating. Whether the goal is lead generation and online sales, each of these goals can be achieved with greater intensity if those writing the content follow EAT guidelines.

EAT refers to Expertise, Authority, and Trust. The content you create should exude all these traits in order to do well on search engine results as well as other content sharing platforms such as social media and forums.

Study Searcher Intent

Stop wasting time creating content for people who will never really buy something you’re promoting.

Efficiency comes with ruthlessness. Cut down on all the time you’re wasting creating content which is not having a direct impact on the money coming into your company. Instead, understand beyond a reasonable doubt the exact intent and nature of your audience. Once you know exactly what your audience wants, give them the same through your content and build a solid relationship with them. Keep in mind, this audience should be open to becoming paying customers once they reach the bottom of the funnel.

In Conclusion

Getting returns from an investment is essential to the cause in the first place. Every company, through time and money, invests resources into content marketing. Getting the best possible results from this process becomes all the more essential. In this article, we covered some key points on how content marketing ROI can be maximized.

About the Author –  Regarded as being one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in marketing, Gaurav Heera is a renowned name in the digital marketing space. Eduburg, an institute he runs, is now regarded as the best place to take up a digital marketing course in Delhi


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