Qualities which Every Doctor should Possess to Achieve More Fame


The scope of the health care industry in India is expanding every day. According to a recent study, hospital industry in India, which constitutes 80% of the total healthcare sector, is increasing at a CAGR of nearly 17% and expected to touch $132 billion in 2023.

The medical tourism market in India too is growing at a steady pace and has been predicted to reach close to $9 billion by FY 2020-21.

This has been made possible due to the active contribution of the public and private sectors in carrying out infrastructural development in the health care sector.

The availability of properly trained medical attendants has also been a key factor for such outstanding achievements.

Even so, doctors need to adopt certain features which will enable them to treat patients effectively and subsequently create a name for themselves in this growing sector.

These features include the following –

  1. Doctor-patient engagement

As part of patient-centric care, medical advisors must collaborate and engage more with their patients to encourage them to take part in their own health care. It was seen that patients who are involved in their own treatment plan tend to recover quickly and stay healthy.

It is also beneficial for doctors in several ways –

  • Improves relationship with patients
  • Helps in retaining a steady number of returning loyal patients.
  • Aids in bringing in a steady stream of revenues

Since patient engagement furnishes doctor with the necessary information regarding a patient, they can create a customised treatment plan for their patients. Also one can go through these additional tips for better patient engagement.

Various online platforms have also been introduced to facilitate better patient engagement. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  1. Mobile appsLybrate for doctors allow them to effectively manage their patients. Such apps also allow doctors to reach out to a patient anywhere and anytime across the globe.
  2. Telemedicine – Additionally, one can also use technologies like high-quality video cam, remote monitoring devices to provide more convenient treatment to patients. Before switching to telemedicine, know how much it will cost.
  3. Electronic health records – a hospital or a clinic uses this gadget to store their patients’ medical history. It is a useful tool since it reduces the number of medical errors and increases accuracy and clarity. It also makes a patient’s health information available to aid a physician to make a quick decision regarding patient treatment thereby strengthening the bond between patients and their doctors. Here is how you can shortlist the best EHR software for your clinic.

However, implementing all these technologies within an already established practice and training the staff to use it can be financially draining. In such cases, one can take out a loan for doctors offered by financial institutions to pay for the expenses incurred.

  1. Knowledge and thoroughness

A doctor should always possess extensive knowledge about his field of expertise to achieve fame.

A patient will feel more reassured when they know that their doctor has managed to successfully treat his other patients.

Another important quality that a doctor should have is thoroughness. An error in diagnosis can lead to serious damage.

This is why; doctors should be thorough and pay attention to every detail to properly diagnose the patient. A thorough follow up care post-treatment or surgery will aid an individual to recover quickly.

  1. Up-to-date with the latest tech

Besides possessing extensive knowledge of their respective field, medical attendants should also be informed of the latest advancements that are constantly taking place around the world.

Not only should they be aware of the latest medical development, they should also learn to apply it themselves successfully. It will enable them to stay ahead of others and help them achieve fame as a doctor.

  1. Good communication skills

Aside from technology, good communication skills are also needed for satisfactory patient engagement.

It will come in handy while talking to their patients to understand the discomfort faced by them.

It will also aid them while explaining the treatment plan and subsequent doubts faced by patients.

Every doctor should remember to empathise with their patients and be compassionate. These two qualities along with the others mentioned above will help a doctor with patient engagement and enable them to achieve fame.

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