Significant Considerations To Buy Electric Kettles In India

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An electric kettle is an automated kitchen appliance which boils water very swiftly. The kettle powers on just at the touch of a button and heats water to the required temperature quickly. It consumes much less energy as compared to conventional gas kettles and microwave ovens. Electric kettles are widely used to make tea and coffee and prepare a host of liquid-based dishes such as soups. They are highly portable and can be carried on travels. 

There are various kinds of electric kettles by multiple brands in the Indian market. A consumer looking for a good quality Electric kettle in India must take the following factors into account to make a good choice.


Boiling Time 

The time taken by the electric kettle to boil water is a very important consideration because boiling water swiftly is the primary function of an electric kettle. The boiling time depends upon the power of the electric kettle. Higher the wattage, lesser is the time taken by the electric kettle to boil water. Swift models boil water within 2-4 minutes. Slower models take 5-6 minutes. High-efficiency models take less time to boil. 



The capacity of electric kettles varies from model to model. The capacity of an electric kettle is given in litres. The capacities range between 500 ml to 2 litres. 20% space must be left empty whether brewing tea or coffee or boiling water so that the liquid doesn’t spillover. Thus, up to 250 ml needs to be deducted from the mentioned capacity of the kettle. The required capacity depends upon your individual requirements. For small families, electric kettles of 1 litre are suitable while for large-sized families, the suitable capacity is 1.5 ltr to 2.0 ltr. 


Safety Features 

The electric kettle must be equipped with safety features to prevent mishaps. Most modern models have safety features such as auto-shutoff and boil dry protection. Automatic shut-off feature switches off the kettle as soon as the water reaches the boiling point, thereby preventing mishaps such as fire or explosion caused by overheating. This feature eliminates the need to monitor the kettle continuously. Boil dry protection feature switches off the kettle automatically when there is not enough water in the kettle. 


Corded or Cordless 

Electric kettles come in both corded and cordless models. In a corded model, the electric cord is attached to the base of the kettle, and the whole unit needs to be unplugged from the electrical outlet. In case of a cordless model, the cord is attached to the detachable base of the kettle. This means that the kettle can be detached from the base after the water has boiled and taken anywhere.


Material and Handle 

Plastic electric kettles are cheap, and the exterior doesn’t get hot, but they are not sturdy. Glass electric kettles are aesthetically appealing but are fragile requiring careful handling. Metal electric kettles, especially the stainless steel varieties, are widely preferred because they are highly durable. However, the exterior of such kettles gets hot. 

The handle of an electric kettle should be made of plastic because plastic remains cool to touch even when the kettle heats up. The handle should provide a soft but firm grip and must be ergonomically designed for easy handling. 

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