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A career in data science has been promoted and eulogized with terrific vigour and proliferation over the last decade. You will come across ads for courses and training programmes on the internet by the scores. The real information about these courses is often scarce and vague. They confuse the enthusiasts and often lead them into choosing courses that might not suit them. Let us put an end to that confusion and try to work out a plan for your smooth transition into a career in data science.

A short market overview

Something around 1.5 lakh jobs are predicted to open up for people with data science and analytics skills. A 62% hike is expected in the number of job opportunities from 2019. 2019 has been a great year for young data science enthusiasts or freshers as we call them. Personnel with experience of less than 3 years have secured the highest number of jobs. The average salary around the data analytics industry is Rs 11 lakh per annum which is not bad at all considering the number of fresh candidates being hired. And of course there is a burgeoning market for Indian data analysts in the USA which is of course the country with the highest number of analytics job openings.

Recognizing the opportunities

The word is that data science is for any one and undergoing a course will instantly enable you to apply data analytics skills to help businesses make better decisions. Well, that might not be the case at all. People with an in depth understanding of the principles of statistics or the computer science experts have a genuine upper hand when it comes to mastering data science. If you are from a business background you might just face a harder learning curve. But it is never impossible to make a transition into data science. You just need to understand what role fits you and what courses can prepare you for such roles. If you are a marketing professional, you might find tableau training exceptionally useful. Whereas if you have been a programmer you might concentrate on applying data science using Python.

Choosing the right way is half the work

Once you have chosen the right track it is all but a matter of perseverance and practice. The different tools, concepts, and technologies related to data science might appear pretty complex on the outset, you may rest assured that they will seem difficult and complex on the inside as well. Yes, it is difficult otherwise there would not have been more jobs than qualified personnel. It is a great opportunity for you. If you have the grit and the tenacity to become a data analytics professional, go ahead and choose a course. There are certain institutes that help you choose the best way forward. They employ experienced industry experts who can analyse your previous experience and background in order to direct you to the right path.

Once you find something that suits you and make an entry into the field, it is only a matter of time before you study your way to the top.

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