This Is How Ethical Hackers Mistakenly Considered As Crackers


The term “hacker” has taken on a pejorative connotation over time. Because according to Wikipedia, “a hacker designates a virtuoso who can intervene in different fields such as programming, the hardware architecture of a computer, system administration, network administration, IT security or any other field of IT; mainstream media mistakenly use the term “hacker” to mean cracker, black hat, meaning a “hacker” operating illegally or unethically. Hackers are sometimes confused with script kiddies, cyber-criminals looking for easy targets that do not require special computer knowledge.“

The Certified Ethical Hacker in Dubai, (“white hat SEO”) in reference to the hackers, are the professionals of the computer security, who try to penetrate in the information systems of their customers, with their preliminary authorization. Indeed, ethics is one of the key elements of this profession which is still relatively unknown, and which sometimes generates a lot of fantasies.

How an intrusion test should be executed?

In order not to be exposed to the criminal offenses listed in this chapter (damage to an information system or to the processing of personal data and classic criminal offenses), the certified Ethical hacker in Abu Dhabi or entity must have a tool contractual or take sufficient precautions, depending on the context. When providing intrusion tests ordered by a customer, this must be the subject of a contract determining the scope and limits of the mission entrusted and exonerate the service provider for actions carried out in this context.

When a security flaw is discovered in a system or software, the disclosure of this flaw must in all cases respond to a legitimate reason (public information and awareness), be the subject of prior information to responsible entity and not to disproportionately harm its interests. It will be interesting to analyze the changes in behavior and case law positions induced by the obligation to provide information on security breaches.

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