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Top 5 Netflix Series That is Coming Up With New season


Are you worried about what to watch next when all your favorite series like Umbrella Academy, Money Heist, and Rick and Morty are over?

Well, you don’t need to worry, as all these series are going to come up with new seasons in 2020. In this article, we are going to tell you about all those TV shows that are about to come up with a new season soon.

So, let’s binge-watch all these seasons once they are released!

A Secret Love

Maybe you have watched the premiere of the show, as it is expected to be online latest by April 19, 2020. The show is a kind of documentary that tells us about a seven-decade spanning love story of characters named Terry Donahue and Pat Henchel. The show will begin as to how the guys met and how they had a basketball league of their own and also their experience of their coming out of the league and the present elderly age they have. Thus, if you want to watch something insightful and emotional, this show can be the one for you. Stay glued to different notifications and Netflix to get more information about the show.

Space Force

This show has been in the News ever since the first date it was decided to relaunch. The show is created by the famous director Greg Daniels, who is also highly acclaimed for his other shows like the office and Parks and recreation. Thus, audiences have a high hope attached to “Space Force.” The show is about a government official who is given the task of creating a 6th branch of the military that will work for outer space. Although the theme of the show may seem a bit serious, let’s watch how it looks once the show is launched in mid-May or after the COVID-19 shutdown ends.

Rick and Morty Season 4

Season 4 of this famous show has already been released, and people have already watched the show from episode one to episode 5. Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 was most loved by the audience, as Rick wanted to show his deepest desire, and thus, he develops fluidity. The 6th EpisodeEpisode of the show is expected to get released on May 3, and the viewers are eagerly waiting for the date. We hope the 6th EpisodeEpisode will be as entertaining as the all other episodes of this famous show.

Athlete A

This documentary TV Show is about a controversy that surrounds Dr. Larry Nassar, who was the national gymnastic team’s physician. The show was already released by HBO last year, and Netflix is making another effort towards remaking the show with another twist and drama. The upcoming show will dive deeper into the explosive work of the Indianapolis journalist who covered this entire story. If you are eagerly waiting for this show, your wait will be over by the last week of June.

Umbrella Academy Season 2

The release date of the Season 2 Umbrella Academy has been delayed due to COVID-19, but it will be released soon. The series is based on a comic book that was released by Dark Horse Comics. The first season was released just about a year ago, and the show is coming with another season soon. As expected by the makers, the second season will be loved as much as the first season. If you are someone who believes in Apocalypse, this can be a must watch show for you. If you haven’t watched the first season of the Umbrella Academy, it’s time to binge-watch it this weekend.

Because of the disastrous COVID-19, many series and shows are getting delayed. Many shows have completed their shoot, many have released their premier, while most have even notified about the release date. Watching our favorite shows getting delayed-release can be heartbreaking. But, don’t worry, you can watch previous seasons on Netflix to spend your lockdown vacation. Nothing can be better than staying safe now to watch our favorite TV shows later. So, wait for important notifications about these shows and stay connected through News. So that you don’t miss the release date of all shows we mentioned above.

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