YouTube to MP3 – Why Your YouTube Videos Must be Directed to MP3


While there are many ways to send a YouTube video to an MP3 player, you may not want to use the same method again. How can you send your YouTube videos to a brand new, hi-tech player?

For starters, make sure your player supports the Mp3 codec. There are two methods of getting this done: either copy the video to a new file and rename it, or do what millions of Internet users have been doing for years: download a video converter program and convert the video to a new format.

That means, your user must have an mp3 capable browser and an MPC to MP3 Converter program. Download the program, burn the video to a blank DVD, insert the DVD into the player and click play. If you want to share with friends and family, create a link that says “Share” at the end of the URL, which is embedded in the website’s footer.

If you have access to an Internet connection, it is time to install the video converter program. Once installed, open the program, go to the options menu, and click the “MP4 to MP3 Converter” button. Select the format of your DVD burner, click “Import”, and then follow the instructions provided by the program.

If you do not have an Internet connection, download the video converter program. Plug the DVD into your computer and run the software to import the video file.

Now that you have a video on DVD or your computer, you will need to send the video to your MPC. Visit you are My Music service from your computer and upload the video from your YouTube account.

As a reminder, My Music is the place to discover and subscribe to music artists you love. The first step to getting your video in front of a new audience is creating a profile page where you can upload a picture, set up your email address, and describe your taste. If your profile page does not already exist, add it now.

When you create a person’s profile page, go to the Manage section and select the “Upload Video” option. In the popup window, select “Play” so that you can capture the video and upload it.

Once your video is ready to be posted, go to your My Music service and view the results. Once you see your video, you are ready to go. Let your audience know what is on your mind by sending the song out as a free download.

Once your video is uploaded, send your link to your friends and family and encourage them to create a profile page. What they will find, is that with My Music, there are millions of music artists and songs to choose from, all presented in easy to use interface.

I hope that those in your My Music service have received your message. Once your friends are enlightened about your message, they can be introduced to the thousands of new artists and songs available in My Music.

Be sure to look for all the links at the bottom of your My Music profile page! Play your favorite songs on your My Music player, download the new artist’s video and add it to the My Music member’s gallery. It is that easy!

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